LTFHC in London

Dr. Amy Lehman, Fisher Stevens, and I crossed the pond to screen LTFHC’s films for a full house at the Charlotte Street Hotel.  We owe a debt of gratitude to our fabulous hosts: Virginia Rustique-Petteni, Alisa Swidler, Saskia Spender, and Severa Von Wetzel.  Special thanks to Filippo Petteni as well.

The audience included Oscar-winning filmmaker Vikram Jayanti, economist and best-selling author Dambisa Moyo, actor and UNICEF UK Ambassador Ralph Fiennes, Sudanese musician and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK Lucy Yeomans, FilmAid board member Iliane Ogilvie-Thompson and husband Anthony Thompson, LionsGate UK COO Guy Avshalom, BRITDOCS Chief Executive Jess Search, writer-producer of “G.I. Jane” Danielle Alexandra, Sabrina Guinness, Leke Adebayo, Virgin Unite CEO Jean Oelwang, Annekke Mendelsohn, and many more…

We are gratified by the interest expressed by the crowd and look forward to many more visits to the UK in the years ahead.

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